Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What about your character Mr Alaniz? This is the beginning of your 15 minutes.

Email response to Gerald Sansing From Joe Alaniz

"Gary....please forward this to Mr. Sansing....

Jerry....your full of it....!"

JK: Right here we can see the frustration, arrogance, lack of character and lack of intellect in Mr Alaniz's opening remarks.

Why is Jerry "full of it" Mr Alaniz?

With all due respect Mr Alaniz, you never address the issues as to why Mr Sansing is "full of it".

And this is the response from the Top of the DMC Administration Hierarchy?

"Your full of it"???

That is your rebuttal Mr Alaniz?

Should it not be in corrected form?

"You're full of it" as in the contraction for "you are"; that is WATT you meant, am I correct Mr Alaniz?

Joe Alaniz: "Your festering in your own manure....."

Wow! Now that is one ironic statement you make, Mr Alaniz.

Now (that) you're getting it flowing; show us some more of your genius at work? That was just brilliant. An astute representation of the DMC Institution of Higher Learning.

Joe Alaniz: "concentrate on your teaching .....your students deserve the best from you..... "

JK: I will use Mr Sansing's own words in rebuttal, "This comes from a man that has stood and delivered on numerous occasions (letters, e-mails, public access television, etc.) and remains employed. If there had been any way that I could have been fired in the past, I would have been instant
history. I do not lie or cower down to anyone. You cannot be fired for telling the truth and standing up for yourself. Telling the truth and correcting problems is the responsibility of the faculty and, thus, an environment conducive to teaching excellence. Our students and taxpayers deserve nothing less from us.

Joe Alaniz: "besides you and I have never had a conversation on any subject matter......"

JK: First of all I cannot find where Mr Sansing refers to you (Joe Alaniz) about a conversation on any subject matter. Secondly, the statement is prevaricating at best. Joe Alaniz has never had a conversation with Gerald Sansing? I find that hard to believe.

Joe Alaniz: "in my opinion, your attacks on decent people reflects on your lack of character......"

JK: The above statements (made by Joe Alaniz) are all without factual support and thus are all your opinion Mr Alaniz.

And you know WATT they say about opinions, right Mr Alaniz?

Who are the decent people?

Mr Meredith?

Gabe Rivas?

Carlos Garcia (who you guys will fire within the next year)?

Tomorrow, as I understand there is another lawsuit of Sexual Harrassment being filed?

What about your character Mr Alaniz?



DMC Dollars?

Dont worry Mr Alaniz, we will reveal the truth and it will set you free.

A DMC Tickler of Events to Come.

My Regards Mr Alaniz,

Jaime Kenedeno

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Face it Gabe Rivas, Carlos Garcia & Ben Blanco; Del Mar Female Students are not interested in YOU or your VIAGRA!

Originally Published Thursday, May 11, 2006

As I understand from insiders close to the Sexual Harrassment Civil Rights allegations at Del Mar College, Theresa Cox is on administrative leave under the whistleblowers act. Her position or imposition has placed her at odds with administration, Board of Regents Officials and the President of the University Carlos Garcia. Rumblings from the Board of Regents suggest a turmoil from within this elite group. Sources suggest a resignation of Bill Chriss is forthcoming as he is pursuing a teaching position at the University of Texas. Although he cites his reason for stepping down as the UT Teaching position one must question the motives and ask why now Bill? There's more........

Other Links of information

"IN THE KNOW": Del Mar Dreams of perjury, forgery, attempted capital murder, and gross violations of procedural due process

South Texas Chisme: Del Mar Fiasco

Gabe Rivas Video Deposition

Is this in retaliation for the scrutiny of late? Why now?

In response to your article I must question the timing and motives for bringing this prosecution forward. It appears to be in that has been focused on the Del Mar Hierarchy and the scandalous behavior emanating from therein. This is one letter from a Ballet Nacional Student naming Del Mar Auditorium Manager Shawn Meredith in serious transgressions and acts of perversion. Why has the Caller never brought forth these revelations? Why has the Caller "ABSTAINED" from bringing forth the blatant abuse of power at Del Mar College and so quick to broadcasts favorable information to Del Mar. Furthermore, it must be considered the relationship between the District Attorney, the office of the DA and Former Judge Mike Westergren (now in house counsel @ Del Mar College) and Joe Alaniz.

Here is one of the letters. I have more in Digital Format.

Local dance instructor accused of sex assault

Warrant issued for Ricardo Villa on three counts

By David Kassabian Caller-Times
August 19, 2006

A judge issued an arrest warrant Friday for a 65-year-old Corpus Christi dance instructor indicted on three counts of aggravated sexual assault.

A Nueces County grand jury indicted Ricardo Villa Thursday on the sexual assault charges. Sandra Eastwood, a prosecutor with the Nueces County District Attorney's Office, said the charges stem from incidents that occurred in 1997. The victim was a boy at the time and is now an adult, she said.

Villa's attorney, Kenneth Botary, said Friday that he wasn't able to comment about the indictment because he has not yet seen it.

"I do know that the allegation is an old allegation - more than 10 years old," Botary said.

Villa's bond was set at $100,000 by a state district judge Friday. Botary said he wasn't aware a warrant had been issued, but Villa will turn himself in to authorities. The dance instructor and founder of the Ballet Nacional dance troupe was not in custody at the Nueces County Jail late Friday.

Contact David Kassabian

at 886-3778 or kassabiand@

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Del Mar President Carlos Garcia, "opted not to renew the yearly contract for the former EEO officer, Ms. Theresa Cox"

The former EEO officer, Ms. Theresa Cox?

JK: The deception begins in the first sentence. Garcia, in his own words said, "her contract expires August 31, 2001". So isn't she still under contract?

From: Carlos A Garcia
Date: Aug 16, 2006 6:07 AM
Subject: Re: Fwd: [Del Mar Electronic Anonymous Input Forum] Nah! There aint nothin inappropriate goin on at Del Mar College. Right Adriana?
To: Jaime Kenedeno

Hello Everyone,

As you may be aware, I opted not to renew the yearly contract for the former EEO officer, Ms. Theresa Cox.

JK: When did DMC President Dr. Carlos Garcia choose this option?

Sat, 15 Apr 2006

Theresa Cox — Del Mar College dean of Equal Opportunity and
Affirmative Action, Equity, Access and Compliance was placed on paid
administrative leave from the college after she and several students
made allegations that President Carlos Garcia of Del Mar made
sexually advances toward them. Before she was let go on this past
Tuesday (April 11,2006)
, Gabe Rivas- President of the Del Mar College Board of
Regents, got together with DMC President Carlos Garcia, Gambi Gamboa-
LULAC Council 1 member, and Henry Gorhorm- LULAC Council 1 member,
to make a deal.


Cox’s administrative leave.

“Ms. Cox is on administrative

leave from the college, but we can’t

reveal the details about her leave,”

Westergren said.

DMC President Dr. Carlos Garcia

also confirmed Cox’s status.

“We do not want to hear rumors

that (Cox) was fired,” Garcia said.

“Mrs. Cox is on administrative

leave and her contract expires on

Aug. 31, 2006,” Garcia said. “DMC

has a restructuring of the administration,

and it is normal to have several

employees leave for several reasons,

such as retirement, offers for a new

employment or just moving out from

the city.

JK: By the time this article is published in the Foghorn, Gabriel Rivas and the Board of Regents are informed of the situation and the allegations against President Carlos Garcia.

JK: It is certainly valid to question the Board as to why Dr. Garcia has not been placed on Administrative leave as SOP mandates?

JK: Gabriel Rivas (en camera) represents and definitively concludes, when an employee is accused of Sexual Harassment; that employee is placed on Administrative leave.

JK: The Administrative Leave Requirement is an integral step in the Due Process and unequivocally applies to each employee the same. The act of discontinuing or modifying the JOB opportunities of one’s accuser, is a blatant act of retaliation. In the protection of DMC (all) preventing retaliation is an obvious reason the Due Process requires the placement of the accused employee on administrative leave.

JK: Dr. Carlos Garcia’s option to not renew the contract of Theresa Cox is indicative of a retaliatory or cover-up agenda. By no means can the decision be one of objectivity.

JK: Why do the DMC Board and In house Counsel “opt” to continue to thwart Due Process and violate DMC SOP?

JK: While SOP is practiced with a hard-handed adherence on the lower rungs of employees; it is conveniently ignored or exempted for a select group of insiders at the “untouchable echelons” of the DMC Yanqui Aristocracy.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

The DMC Community Outreach Campaign

The Expose begins

Mr. Benitez answered a knock at the door to find a gunman, Francisco Perez, waiting for him.

The Attempted Capital Murder of Mr. Benitez

~June 13, 2006

Theresa Cox v Del Mar College filed in Travis County

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Court Documents Released on Kenedeno & Associates’ website Del Mar Electronic Anonymous Input Forum

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Dear Mike Westergren, I extend my hand out (in the interest of peace & resolution) to the Del Mar Administration, Faculty, Staff & Board of Regents.

Aug 15, 2006 Channel 6 Releases News Story Citing Released Travis County Court Documents

Former Del Mar dean files suit against college

Aug 16, 2006 6:07 AM

Official Statement (per email)

From: Carlos A Garcia
Subject: Re: Fwd: [Del Mar Electronic Anonymous Input Forum] Nah! There aint nothin inappropriate goin on at Del Mar College. Right Adriana?
To: Jaime Kenedeno
Cc: garzaa@caller

Aug 16, 2006 05:28 PM Channel 6 Releases

Del Mar president responds to lawsuit concerns

The basis for this action includes, but is not limited to, well documented incompetence, insubordination, and unprofessional conduct.

JK: For any whom are “In The Know” regarding Theresa Cox and Del Mar College; the above statement fully discredits Dr. Carlos Garcia and any who choose to support his agenda. He continues to discredit himself citing the “basis” for his “opting out” of the contract with Ms. Cox.

The basis for this action includes, but is not limited to, well documented incompetence, insubordination, and unprofessional conduct.

JK: We all know, this is a statement of incompetence not of Ms Cox but of the DMC President. The question in my mind is; how did he ever make it through high school with such voids of common sense? Theresa Cox is a very competent employee. Unprofessional would have been for her to continue to follow the directives of self-dealing and self-interest of her superiors. How did Ms. Cox ever ascend to the JOB if she had not the skills and attributes required. She got tired of covering up the BS created by the testosterone or mid life crisis’ of the clique. That is when she suddenly became insubordinate.

A local television station aired a report that cast a negative light on my office regarding a lawsuit against the College. The allegations mentioned never occurred and I look forward to being fully vindicated. This is an attempt by an individual to discredit our institution while fleecing the taxpayers of Corpus Christi.

JK: Dr. Garcia you are the one who bring the negative light upon your office. Vindication is something you can look forward to; but the evidence will only be more forthcoming should you choose to fight in bad faith.

JK: Fleecing?

JK: Carlos Garcia and Gabriel Rivas are the ones who are fleecing the taxpayers. Dr Garcia’s personal counsel (at this time) is funded by DMC. Dr. Garcia needs to retain his own attorney. Both Dr Garcia And Regent Gabriel Rivas continue to poison and infect the DMC institution. Lies, Usurping the Due Process and Abuse of Power are all viable charges that have destroyed the lives of human beings with whom these crooks were entrusted. It is time for change.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Per SOP; Should Not DMC Pres. Carlos Garcia Be Placed On Administrative Leave

From: Carlos A Garcia
Date: Aug 16, 2006 6:07 AM
Subject: Re: Fwd: [Del Mar Electronic Anonymous Input Forum] Nah! There aint nothin inapprpriate goin on at Del Mar College. Right Adriana?
To: Jaime Kenedeno

Hello Everyone,

As you may be aware, I opted not to renew the yearly contract for the former EEO officer, Ms. Theresa Cox. The basis for this action includes, but is not limited to, well documented incompetence, insubordination, and unprofessional conduct. A local television station aired a report that cast a negative light on my office regarding a lawsuit against the College. The allegations mentioned never occurred and I look forward to being fully vindicated. This is an attempt by an individual to discredit our institution while fleecing the taxpayers of Corpus Christi.

Please do not be distracted from the important work you do. Thank you for facilitating the success of our students and helping us achieve the mission of Del Mar College.

Carlos A. Garcia, Ph.D.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Nah! There aint nothin inapprpriate goin on at Del Mar College. Right Adriana?

CORPUS CHRISTI - A former dean at Del Mar College, Theresa E. Cox, has filed a lawsuit against the school. The suit alleges sexual harassment and retalitation by the president of Del Mar. Cox was the one-time dean of equal opportunity/affirmative action, equity, access and compliance at Del Mar College.

According to a court document obtained by 6 News, Cox claims she investigated a student's sexual harassment complaint against Del Mar President, Dr. Carlos Garcia, in September 2004.

The suit says, "Upon learning the plaintiff (Cox) had taken a statement from the student and intended to follow college procedures for processing the complaint, Dr. Garcia protested."

Ultimately, Cox claims Garcia retaliated, demoted and eventually terminated her when she cooperated with the student's complaint to the U.S. Department of Education in Washington.

Cox also alleges Dr. Garcia "made numerous unwelcome advances and inappropriate personal remarks..." to her, other female employees and students. Cox was not available for comment when 6 News called and stopped by her Padre Island home.

Del Mar's in-house counsel, Mike Westergren, declined an on-camera interview but said Garcia "absolutely denies the allegations." He described the incident as "most unfortunate."

Westergren said he's worked with both Cox and Garcia and never saw a sign of inappropriate behavior. And as a former judge, he said he would have taken action if he did see something wrong.

According to Westergren, the matter is "still being handled internally." Cox is seeking compensation, and she wants her job back. The basis of her lawsuit is that Del Mar was in violation of the Texas Whistleblower Act. If the case goes to trial, it will be a jury in Travis County, that's Austin, not Nueces County, hearing the case.

Del Mar officials said they hope to resolve the matter before it goes that far.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Theresa Cox v Del Mar College filed in Travis County

WATT the..........? Del Mar eyes tax boost to finance construction? Another Fultonian Overun? Or Fleeced by Alaniz?

Del Mar eyes tax boost to finance construction

By Israel Saenz Caller-Times
August 9, 2006

Regents on Monday recommended a 19 percent tax rate increase for property owners in the Del Mar College District.

The increase would mean the average homeowner in the district would pay $44.31 more in taxes. The appraised value of the average residence increased from $95,589 in 2005 to $103,213 this year. The college's taxing district encompasses the city's five school districts.

Vice President of Business and Finance Joe Alaniz said the increase is to help the college pay for $108 million in capital improvement bonds sold in January.

"What's increasing is the rate to pay the bonds, which was approved by voters," he said.

While the maintenance and operations tax rate will stay the same, the proposed debt service rate is an increase of 3 cents.

Voters approved the college's bond proposal in April 2003, to go toward development of Del Mar College West and improvements to existing facilities at Del Mar College East.

The proposed tax rate is an increase of 4 cents over the effective tax rate, the rate that would produce last year's revenue from this year's appraisal of the properties that existed last year.

District property values, including new construction, have gone up 9.4 percent since last year.

Regents will have two meetings for public comment at noon Aug. 18 and 5:30 p.m. Aug. 22. Both hearings will be in the Harvin Center on the college's East Campus. The increase is scheduled to go before the regents for approval on Aug. 29.

Contact Israel Saenz at 886-3767

Monday, August 07, 2006

Del Mar is another place where Juan Garcia can gain Clout

Garcia leads Seaman in fundraising

Incumbent state rep has bigger war chest in District 32 race

By Jaime Powell Caller-Times
August 6, 2006

Democrat Juan Garcia has raised more than twice as much money as Republican incumbent state Rep. Gene Seaman since January.

"He is probably going to be a serious contender," Nueces County Republican Party Chairman Mike Bertuzzi said.

"Gene is going to run a full-blown campaign. He is not taking this lightly."

Garcia, 40, a lawyer and Navy pilot, has raised $205,140.95 to Seaman's $89,956 during the January-to-June 30 contribution period.

But Seaman, first elected in 1996, has a bigger war chest because of funds raised in previous campaign cycles. At the end of the contribution period, after campaign expenses, Seaman has $261,671.74 left to spend compared with Garcia's $80,228.98.

"I have plenty of money to run my campaign," Seaman, 76, said. "It comes from the businesses that back me and from business entities."

District 32 includes 11 of the most conservative precincts in Nueces County along with San Patricio and Calhoun counties, and Republican stronghold Aransas County.

Both men are likely to have the estimated $400,000 that local political analyst Bob Bezdek said they'll need for this race.

Already the two sides are saying the other will be beholden to special-interest money - Garcia to trial lawyers and Seaman to business and conservative political action committees.

Seaman's side points to Garcia's biggest contribution - $59,435 worth of commercial and ad work from California film producer and Web site developer Richard Salazar - as help from the Hollywood crowd.

Salazar was Garcia's roommate at UCLA.

Garcia says most of his money is not from trial lawyers, but from friends from the community and the military.

Sources of donations

Seaman had 58 donations from political action committees and businesses totaling $56,200. His largest is $10,000 from Bob Perry, a conservative Houston homebuilder and large contributor to Republican causes. Perry has also contributed heavily to Seaman's previous campaign.

"Mr. Perry is in the same industry as I am and we have the same interests," Seaman said. "I don't even know the guy but because I am a businessman and we have the same interests, the guy sent me a check."

Garcia has more than 300 donations from individuals, including some Republicans previously in support of Seaman.

More than 100 people, mostly Republicans, showed up for a recent Garcia fundraiser at homebuilder and developer Duane Scheumack's house in Rockport.

Scheumack voted for Seaman in his past two successful campaigns.

"I don't think I am angry at Gene. I just don't know what Gene has done," Scheumack said. "The thing I was impressed with the most with Garcia is his community, home and fireside values. And I sense a great deal of sincerity with this young man."

For Garcia to win

To defeat Seaman, Bezdek said, Garcia has to minimize Seaman's strength in the predominantly Republican precincts in Nueces County and clean up in Calhoun County. He must do as well in San Patricio County as former San Patricio County Judge and conservative Democrat Josephine Miller when she ran against Seaman in 2002. Miller took 58 percent in her home county in a losing campaign. And he must make inroads in Aransas County.

"The conservative areas where he cleaned Josephine Miller's clock, we are not going to neutralize those areas," Garcia said. "We are going to win."

But it's still District 32, where President George W. Bush took 67 percent in 2004. Also, in the part of District 32 that overlaps Congressional District 27, Republican Willie Vaden took more votes than incumbent Democratic U.S. Rep. Solomon P. Ortiz, who trounced Vaden overall, Bezdek noted.

For Seaman to win

To hold onto his seat, Seaman must maximize his Republican clout and neutralize dissent among some of his constituents in San Patricio and Aransas counties, political analysts said.

While Seaman denies that he has lost any support, some constituents and political analysts say that after 10 years in Austin he should have more clout than he does.

"There's really nothing bad to say about Seaman," Texas Monthly senior executive editor Paul Burka said. "He's harmless. Gene's clearly not going to be one of the heavy lifters in the House, but he's a decent and honorable member."

One issue that damaged Seaman in Aransas and San Patricio counties during his last term, is the perception that he nearly allowed the counties to be annexed into the Del Mar College taxing district without their consent.

Residents in both counties complain that Seaman was weak and would not take a stand against the Del Mar measure sponsored by former state Rep. Vilma Luna, D-Corpus Christi, a powerful Democrat aligned with the top Republican leadership.

After a letter-writing campaign initiated in Aransas County, Gov. Rick Perry ended up vetoing the measure.

"I am sure some people feel like he could have been stronger on that issue," said Republican San Patricio County Commissioner Fred Nardini, a Seaman contributor. "All of us in San Patricio County fought very hard to keep that out. I don't know at this point what the outcome will be. With most constituents it's hard to tell whether they have a long memory."

Aransas County resident and Republican Lynn Lee, who voted for Seaman in the past, supports Garcia.

"Del Mar was a great bit of it, yes," Lee said. "I felt he should have taken our side because he had always gotten huge support in Aransas County. In that situation I did not think we should be voted into something where we did not have a say. I now have a feeling that Gene is not aware of what I want."

Aransas County Republican Party chairwoman Verna Yeamans said Seaman has been effective and she doesn't understand what has turned some Republicans off about him.

"Some have never liked Gene," she said. "I don't know if the Del Mar situation has anything to do with why they want Gene out, but some of the key Republicans are so mad at Gene because they say he lied to them. He said he was not going to run anymore and he ran. If that is all they have to complain about, it's shallow."

The Secretary of State cleared her to run.

I think these guys are going to learn a lesson or two....

from the attorney general down. The Secretary of State cleared Ms Garcia to run. If you read the AG opinion you will know what a crook this guy is when it comes to the little people. Carlos Valdez, I cant see how he would obtain Jurisdiction given there is no criminal act. This matter should be processed through existing administrative law.

A Voter Registration in Kleberg While Residing in Nueces?

The question is, which home was her domicile. I have been to her Apartment here in Corpus Christi, it sure looks like it is her primary residence.

I cannot imagine Carlos Valdez even having anything to do with this case, given his history with Mike Westergren and I am told with Joe Alaniz as well.

If Carlos Valdez prosecutes this lady, he is a fool.

I stand behind her.