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Rosie Garcia gave us her word that everybody will keep their JOBS?

Changes at Del Mar have faculty concerned

CORPUS CHRISTI - Del Mar College plans to rearrange some of its departments this year, and that has a lot of faculty members concerned. In fact, they called a meeting Friday asking the administration to explain what's going on.

The administration said it's a matter of making changes to the college's flow chart - the organizational chart. But concerned faculty and employees don't all see it that way.

Friday they packed a room on campus and many sounded off before Dr. Rosie Garcia, Vice President of Instruction. She told 6 News she can't recall such a heated faculty council meeting. Garcia said the changes basically include who reports to who on the organizational chart.

She said the students will still have the same teachers, the same programs, etc. She also wants to put to rest the fears some have that they'll end up with a pink slip.

"Nobody's lost their job. Nobody's lost any pay because of these changes. These are just organizational shifts, reporting structures," Garcia said.

Dolores Huerta has taught business at Del Mar College for many years. She said she's not against change, but maintains the process this time of changing the organizational structure wasn't done right.

"The way that this has all been done. Those of us at the faculty level don't feel like we have been given an opportunity to provide input. Some of us had heard rumors across campus that this was happening, but at no time did we faculty, individual faculty, receive anything official until it was all done," Huerta said.

Huerta will be moved to a new division because the Division of Business at Del Mar has been done away with, under the new organizational structure.

It's being moved under a different umbrella, to be announced.

Del Mar administrators maintain all classes, including business courses, will go on as usual, despite the changes to the organizational chart.

Online Reporter: Aaron Drawhorn

Thursday, July 27, 2006

DMC Faculty Member Speaks Out on the DMC Clique's Abuse of Power: "Dont Tread On Me"!

Please note this email was forwarded to me from multiple DMC email addresses. The author remains anonymous.

For many years I informed Del Mar College employees that when I reached Kosar and Naples streets on my way to work, it feels like falling down a rabbit hole. For many years I have been very vocal about the administrative attempts to weaken the academic standards held and exhibited by faculty members. The administration has attempted to demoralize the faculty by dividing us, and, they have used their relationships with members of the Board of Regents to further their cause. This has led to outrageous statements by regents that no person (faculty) has been turned down for promotion and that full professors have retired in place. Does anyone know of an administrator that has failed to receive regular promotions and pay raises? In those rare instances when attempts were made to terminate faculty employments, the administration has choked and nothing was done.

Some faculty have been provided with perks that are not provided to all. Faculty members that agree with any and all actions by the administration are provided with special treatment. Such shenanigans have worked extremely well in dividing our faculty members.

Please be informed that within hours after I read Mr. John Johnson's memo to Instructional Faculty dated May 26, 2006, I called Mr. Johnson's office and left three messages with the request that he contact me for a meeting concerning his insane directives. Mr. Johnson has not responded to my request. I informed him that I have no desire to be forced to have my pay "direct deposited" to my bank, nor do I want to be coerced into having my pay broken into 12 monthly amounts. I informed him that I do not give a tinker's damn about making life easier for him at my expense.

After I informed Mr. Johnson of my feelings/concerns, Mr. Joe Goode (Full Professor) e-mailed Mr. Johnson expressing his very valid concerns. I have known Joe for many years and know that he is an extremely hard working and highly professional faculty member (I took two automotive courses from him). We were on Faculty Council together and I know that he is totally committed to the students and taxpayers of the DMC District and has never asked for anything that he has not earned. He and all other hard working faculty members do not deserve to have to pay for administrative whims, shortcomings and incompetencies

I have been requesting information from the State of Texas concerning the proper methods of paying employees of taxpayer supported educational institutions. I have been examining employment laws concerned with timely payment of salaries. Please let me know if you would like to have me provide you with my findings. In the meantime, I am suggesting that Mr. Johnson present his directives to the entire faculty/staff at the upcoming Fall Convocation and provide a few minutes for questions.

I would suggest that the following questions be asked as the result of Mr. Johnson's reply to Mr. Goode's e-mail (7/7/2006):

1. Which offices have been working on this problem for over a year?

2. How many man hours have been devoted to this one problem?

3. What are the extreme variables used by departments when calculating summer pay?

4. Which specific departments have made significant numbers of errors and when?

5. Which specific departments have been late in submitting payroll information to the payroll office?

6. Which office within DMC has caused this problem by not standardizing the calculation of summer pay?

My suggestion is that the administration standardize the process and not continue to screw around with hard working, dedicated, extremely productive and highly professional faculty members.

I have visited and worked for many institutions of higher learning and have not seen any that have a stronger overall faculty than DMC.

Please remember that the SOLE purpose of the DMC administration is to provide faculty members with what they need to provide our students with the best courses available. We do not need an administration that dictates what we will teach in our own specialties, or, tell me what is best for me when it comes to my personal finances. To quote my direct family forefathers (in this country since 1690) that were at Lexington and Concord, "don't tread on me."

Monday, July 17, 2006

A BLUEPRINT for POSITIVE CHANGE (In the order it was binded as recieved)



2005- 2006





1. Executive Summary and Interim Reports

2. Recommendations for Savings and Increased Revenue

3. Recommendations for Changes in Services, Processes and Staffing

4. Proposed New Organizational Chart for Maximum Efficiency

5. Summary of Study by Services Team

6. Summary of Study by Processes Team

7. Summary of Study by Staffing Team

8. Efficiency Study of Instructional Office Costs

9. Efficiency Study of Instruction Dept. Costs/Retention Rates

10. Efficiency Study of Per Capita Course Cost/Retention Rates

11. Analysis of Summary Information/Dept. Chairs

12. Analysis of Summary Information/Dept. Phd.'s

1. Executive Summary and Interim Reports


April 11, 2006

The enclosed efficiency study was conducted from August, 2005 through March, 2006. Extensive information was gathered from three teams of nine persons who studied the areas of services, processes and staffing. In addition, lengthy interviews were conducted with the Board and Administration, as well countless employees in all employee groups, rendering over one hundred pages of notes. Further information was gathered from an analysis of over twenty College documents, particularly numerical data obtained from the IT Department.

Compilation of all information was lengthy and time-consuming in an effort to arrive at an accurate evaluation of efficiency in all College operations. Many persons expressed a sincere wish to see a culture shift take place at Del Mar College in conjunction with the exciting growth of the physical plant. A very serious attempt has been made to address the concerns expressed by all parties. Only by doing so, can the Del Mar College community understand where it is at present, so that it can determine where it wants to go in the future.

In reading the enclosed material, the nature of an efficiency study must be considered. It is executed in an effort to find those things that need improvement only, and does not take into consideration all of the good and wonderful things about the College that we already know. That being said, it is hoped that the College will find the enclosed suggestions and information of some use as it bolts into this new century of exciting growth and opportunity.

Working with the Del Mar College community has been an honor and a privilege.
Guadalupe L. Rangel

3 Dewit Drive. Corpus Christi, Texas 78404 . Phone 361.693.xxxx . Fax 361.693.xxxx .
2. Recommendations for Savings and Increased Revenue



1. Efficiency in Use of Employee Time
a. Install time clocks in all departments, promoting
b. Limit committee membership for faculty members.
c. Provide Chairs with assistants, freeing them to teach.
d. Provide a health program with rewards, for employees. e. Eliminate duplication of efforts by different groups, depts.
f. Tighten all HR policies, install new ones. .
g. Install a tenure review program for faculty.
h. For Maintenance Dept., tighten all policies of operations,
reassign key employees for closer ties to rest of employee pool. Consider outsourcing inefficient grounds crews. Tighten procedures to eliminate wasted time buying supplies, etc. Eliminate division between E & W campus.
i. Limit the use of interim positions to fill vacancies, as well
as the length of duration of an interim assignment.
j. Tighten all policies for searches to eliminate waste of
employee time in search efforts.
k. Eliminate duplication of efforts in registration of students
with two different systems, by linking the two.

2. Efficiency in Use of Student Time
a. Improve registration process with visible monitors
indicating when a course has closed.
b. Install a telephonic advising system allowing students to
receive course information at the push of a button from
the course instructor.
c. Give financial aid for books early enough for pre-study.
d. Install a new financial aid automated program for
application and approval process, as well as
reimbursement process.
e. Tie student work study program to a meaningful
internship for the student.


Del Mar College Efficiency
Study Rangel Consulting

f. Eliminate duplication of effort on part of student in
different processes. g. Streamline testing of all kinds to promote success. h. Provide study pod model for students of core curriculum,
for more insular learning and easy access to professors
and counselors.

3. Efficiency in Use of Space
a. Continue 4 day work week, with different departments
utilizing buildings on different days of a 6-day week.
b. Maximize use of space at Harvin Center by allowing Public Information Department more space next door, utilizing the outdoor upstairs cafe area, and turning the large registration arena into cubicles for advising.
c. If not going to a 6-day week for the entire college,
minimize use of buildings for weekend programs to one.
d. Utilize new Richardson Auditorium for profitable
community affairs.
e. Utilize new West Campus for regional conferences and
community events as well.
f. Monitor building use more closely for elimination of empty
buildings during study hours.
g. Work to expand central library to make more

4. Efficiency in Use of Financial Resources
a. Stagger employee travel by department, every other year.
b. Cut office budgets where there is overspending, per
c. Monitor purchases of computers, telephones, walkie
talkies, and printers. .
d. Eliminate half of large printers on campus and move to a
larger centralized printing operation that runs during the
night, since lease/repair payments are made 24/7.
e. Link all departmental creation, expansion to number of
students served.



Del Mar College Efficiency Study
Rangel Consulting

f. Renegotiate all vendor, supplier, machinery and insurance contracts on a regular basis for either better rates to the College or scholarship donations.

5. Efficiency in Use of Utilities
a. Install meters in each building for better monitoring of use
of utilities.
b. Revisit all utility contracts for possible discounts in rates.
c. Monitor possible refunds, such as that for wastewater,
which would be based on evaporation rates during the
irrigation of the properties. .
d. Eliminate the 24/7 supervision of the Main Plant, as much
of it is now automated.
e. Revisit all IT contracts with vendors and consultants for
possible rate cuts in long-term contracts.
f. Install tighter policies for preventive maintenance of all
chillers and other major equipment, as well as those for all
fiber-optic equipment.
g. Eliminate any unnecessary telephone land lines that have
been replaced by cellular phones.
h. Promote the use of the new College intranet system for
efficient communication between employees and students.
i. Expand the IT Department into a Virtual College, allowing
for the inevitable explosion in online coursework to have
the support it merits.





1. Policy requiring review of organizational chart with all major
expansion of the physical plant.

2. Policy installing a tenure review program for faculty.

3. Policy limiting overtime, course overload, outside employment.

4. Policy limiting assignment and duration of interim posltions.

5. Policy limiting assignment of lateral moves by employees.

6. Policy of full disclosure, removing all employment decisions from
office politics.

7. Policy to tie instructional expenditures to number of students

8. Policy to outsource application, refund and collection processes of financial aid department, as well as others, in order to minimize losses.

9. Policy to make RETENTION the core of all employee efforts.

10. Policy to extend the number of days College is open, if student
body benefits.

11. Policy to establish a virtual campus, with new set of policies,

12. Policy to require ethics training for all employees.

13. Policy to require managerial training for all supervisors.

14. Policy to require budgeting training for all Chairs.



15. Policy to require training for all adjuncts in order to minimize a divided employee pool.

16. Policy to establish Centers and Institutes from programs that have matured to be possibly funded by outside sources.

17. Policy to tie as many programs as possible to Texas A & M C.C., local hospitals for financial benefit of both institutions.

18. Policy to promote more community ties for employees and students.

19. Policy to present instruction for core areas of learning through the new methodology of study pods, for promotion of retention.

20. Policy requiring regular reports to the Board on efficiency of individual departments and programs.

Letter #1

TO: Dr. Carlos Garcia

FROM: Guadalupe L. Rangel

DATE: October 24, 2005

RE: DMC Efficiency Study Interim Report

The Del Mar College Achieve the Dream study project is progressing well. The final goal and focus of the project remains the maximizing of efficiency in all College operations for ultimate cost savings. The following four original stages to the study have been incorporated into all interviews and discussions:

I. Self-study

II. Assessment of departmental adherence to College mission
and core values .

III. Assessment of departmental costs and savings

IV. Focus on necessary growth adjustments

Many interviews and discussions have been completed in an effort to provide the President and Board of Regents with the best final recommendations to modify policies, processes, services, and organizational patterns.

Interviews and discussions have been completed with:

1. Each member of the Board of Regents

2. Each Vice President

3. Some Deans

4. Some Directors

5. Purchasing Department



6. Registrar

7. Business Office

8. Cash Management Office

9. Office of Affirmative Action

10. In House Legal Office

11. Testing Department

12. Childhood Learning Center

13. Printing Office

14. Students and parents during registration

In addition, two Self-Study Teams appointed by you, President Garcia, have been meeting regularly to discuss specific issues affecting the College. The nine-member Services Team met twice for a total of 7 hours to give written and oral answers to many questions on the following topics:

1. Purchasing

2. Finance and Cash Management

3. Business Office Services

4. Registration

5. Testing

6. Center for Early Learning

7. Counseling

8. Library

9. Maintenance Services

10. IT Department Services

11. Work Study Program

12. Copiers and Duplicating Services

13. HR Department Services

14. Legal Department Services

15. Grant Writing Services

16. Richardson Auditorium

17. Bookstore

18. Food Services

19. Mail Distribution

20. Vending Machines

21. Athletic Services



This week, the nine-member Processes Team will have met three times for a total of 10 hours to give written and oral answers to many questions on the following additional issues of important to the College:

1. Search Process
2. Hiring Process
3. Terminations
4. Employee Transfers
5. Temporary Substitutions
6. Scheduling of Classes
7. Recruitment of Students
8. Testing
9. Registration
10. Financial Aid
11. Retention of Students
12. Reimbursements
13. Payroll Processes
14. Purchasing
15. Drop/Add Process
16. Benefits
17. Vacation Time/FMLA
18. Advising Students
19. Committee Assignments
20. Evaluation Process
21. Employee Grievance Process
22. Student Grievance Process
23. Whisteblower Process
24. Community Outreach
25. Campus Communications

In November, the third team of nine employees, the Staffing Team, will begin an in-depth study of specific issues involving employment organizational patterns. Also, individual interviews with Deans, Department Chairs and Directors will continue.

Respectfully submitted,

Guadalupe L. Rangel



Letter #2

TO: Dr. Carlos Garcia

FROM: Guadalupe L. Rangel

DATE: November 25, 2005

RE: DMC Efficiency Study Interim Report II

Interviews and discussions with various departments of the College continue. As stated before, this Del Mar College Achieve the Dream study project remains focused on the achievement of efficiencies in the use of time, space, human resources, and financial resources by all segments of College operations. Much consideration continues to be given to the basic question of whether or not every department is living up to the core mission of the College, which is that of serving the needs of students. Therefore, every individual or group discussion has continued to revolve around the following points:

I. Self-study

II. Assessment of departmental adherence to College mission and core values

III. Assessment of departmental costs and savings

IV. Focus on necessary growth adjustments

Recommendations to modify policies, processes, services, and organizational patterns have been gathered from both individuals and study groups. Final recommendations to the Board shall be made by Rangel Consulting in February, '06.

Since the last interim report, interviews and discussions have been

completed with:

Office of College Relations

West Campus, Office of Dean

Art Department

Music Department

Information Technology Department

Library-Luminis presentation

Cashier's Office



In addition, the following have been accomplished:

Processes Study Team completed ten hours of meetings.

Staffing Study Team will have completed ten hours of meetings as well. This team continues to look at numbers of support personnel in all departments. It is also studying possible changes in the organizational chart, particularly those instances of incorrect job titles or incorrect lines of authority.

Information gathering will continue in December. Following that process, the compilation of all information into a comprehensive report for the Board will commence. Until all information is gathered, no recommendations can be made.

Dr. Garcia, please feel free to call, should you have any questions.

Respectfully submitted,

Guadalupe Rangel




Rangel Consulting

Recommendations for Cutting Costs at Del Mar College

COST CENTERS EXPENDITURES (from p.4, '05 DMC Budget Manual)




Total faculty salaries





















Salaries for all




Benefits for all





Professional Dev.












Prof. Services




Maint. Agreements








Postage, phone, util. .




Printing, advertising












Misc / General







Thursday, July 13, 2006

Richardson Hall rental fees may rise

Richardson Hall rental fees may rise
Del Mar official's proposition could affect ballet shows
By adriana garza Caller-TimesJuly 10, 2006
When Richardson Performance Hall re-opens its doors this fall, its glass entrance and newly upholstered seating may not be the only things different.
Another change may affect the busloads of school children who visit the Del Mar College East Campus every winter for Corpus Christi Concert Ballet performances.

A proposition from Joe Alaniz, the college's vice president for business and finance, would change the way the college manages the Richardson Performance Hall. Included in the proposition are increases to rental fees for the facility.
The proposed fee structure divides renters into three categories: nonprofit, for-profit and Del Mar College.
For-profit groups will pay $1,800 for use of the hall, while non-profit groups will pay $1,500. Del Mar College groups may use the facility for free. The recently constructed Performing Arts Center on the Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi campus charges between $1,500 and $3,000 in rental fees.
While there had been a set fee structure in place for using Richardson, some nonprofit groups previously would bargain for cheaper rates, Alaniz said. Fees have ranged from $475 to $1,283.
The inconsistency with which the fees were applied often created hostile relationships between groups using the facility and the college.
"We'll have more consistent rules, and people will know what it costs to rent out Richardson instead of asking for deals," Alaniz said. The practice of maintaining flexible rental costs isn't a sound business practice, he said.
Officials said that in the past, community groups would attempt to secure a co-sponsorship with the college to rent Richardson Performance Hall at a discounted rate. The new fee structure, if approved by the college's Board of Regents, would provide flat rates for each category.
"We want to make sure we have a process where everyone is treated the same," Alaniz said.
Del Mar College and the Del Mar College Foundation have long been sponsors of the Corpus Christi Concert Ballet. The sponsorship allowed the organization to use the facility for free for matinee performances the organization would put on for young students from the Coastal Bend.
Evon Kelly, a member of the Concert Ballet's board of directors, said the change would place a strain on the organizations' relationship with the college - a relationship that has brought thousands of students to the college for ballet matinees.
"Either we will not be able to use Richardson or we will have to charge more," Kelly said, adding the Concert Ballet tries to keep costs as low as possible so it can promote culture through art.
Students from area school districts have been bused to the campus every winter for the Corpus Christi Concert Ballet's performance of "The Nutcracker" and in the spring for another performance.
During the early years of the performances, children attended the event for free. In recent years, students were charged $1 to $2 for admission into the performances to help the group recover some of the expenses incurred.
"That's the only time a lot of kids will ever come that close to exposure to the arts," she said.
If regents approve the recommendation to designate the performance hall as a revenue center, Kelly said the ballet's board of directors must consider its use of Richardson.
"I'd like to keep our relationship with Del Mar College," Kelly said. "It's been an important relationship for the community."
The Corpus Christi Concert Ballet isn't the only group the proposed change would affect. Mary Mayhew serves on the board of the Corpus Christi International Competition for Piano and Strings, a competition that has been held at Richardson Performance Hall for nearly two decades.
She said the increase in rental fees will be an added burden on the organizers of the annual winter competition, but the facility holds a special place in the former Del Mar College professor's memories.
Mayhew began teaching cello at the college around the time the performance hall was being built in 1950.
"I played there and I do feel a certain closeness to it," Mayhew said.
She said despite the added pressure of finding a way to deal with the rental costs, there is no other place she'd rather have the competition.
"The acoustics there have been considered the best in town for many years," she said.
Contact Adriana Garza at 886-3618 or HYPERLINK

From :
Howard Karsh
Sent :
Wednesday, July 12, 2006 4:56 PM
To :

CC :


Subject :

I noticed on the Board minutes posted on the Del Mar College WEB site that "gift of public funds" has been brought up as an issue with respect to the auditorium. This is all old news. At a previous Board meeting Bill Martin asked that the College investigate how other colleges set fees etc. Well, I did all that when I was the Auditorium Manager. I researched other Colleges and Universities. I joined several professional organizations . I wrote everything down and explained my reasoning. You know what? One supervisor picked on my grammar. I don't believe the Regents ever read anything I submitted. I know my last supervisor never read anything I sent him and complained that I took up to much of his time.

Richardson Auditorium was and probably still is very unusual for Texas. I could not find any Community Colleges with a similar facility. No comparison could be made because most were much smaller and in many cases used directly with a Music or Drama program. They were mostly not available for outside use. Del Mar College has something others don't, a legitimate stage, that only four year colleges and universities have. Some of those Colleges even use their facilities to teach public assembly facility management and incorporate the facility directly into the instructional program. Unfortunately Del Mar administrators and regents lack the vision to see the possibilities in creating a PAF management program at Del Mar College.

Richardson Auditorium was wasted on the current Music and Drama programs because they are basically academic operations that are primarily involved in instruction and can't attract an audience of 1700 patrons. On average they fill a hundred or two hundred seats. The Drama department was scared of the size of the auditorium and the Music department did not understand marketing and promotion and just wasted all those seats. I do not deny that a competent management of the auditorium and cooperation with College Relations and the Music and Drama departments could fill a lot more seats. Unfortunately Music and Drama are faculty and faculty generally refuse to cooperate unless they are in charge. They lack the vision and competence it takes for successful large events. College Relations was always uncooperative in promoting the auditorium. Than of course in my time there were the safety issues that made every large performance a nightmare for me. My guess from what I'm hearing is that the College still does not get the message and safety will be forgotten once the auditorium is up and running again. After all, they fixed everything didn't they? So why don't they call it a "renovation"?

As for the "gift of public funds." With respect to the Ballet and Symphony I had worked out what I though was a reasonable legal solution. This was relatively simple. The Symphony and Ballet would pay for their public audience events at a non-profit base fee and a percentage of tickets sold to a set maximum fee. They could keep their profits if any. This is standard public assembly facility operation or proper business management. The student matinees would be educational partnerships with the College within the College mission statement. The College would participate in promoting these matinees as educational events thereby meeting DMC Policy. The Ballet would submit their expenses and incomes for the matinees. The expenses would be weighed against the rental fees that would have been charged and in the end expenses would exceed income and make payment null. The College could also determine the public relations and marketing value of these events in the College's favor and realize an economic value for the Colleges participation that could not possibly be achieved any other way. If the College were to setup a distribution of educational materials concerning the particular Ballet and or Symphony performance to be mailed out in advance of the performances to participating schools and offer instructional assistance to the teachers it would further reinforce the educational mission of the College. If other local arts groups wanted to make similar arrangements the guidelines could be put in writing and equally available to all. More work? Yeah so what? If Joe Alaniz is such a good business manager why couldn't he figure this or something else out?

Here is what is really at work here. Joe Alaniz has a reputation at the College of being a very poor manager. I saw that first hand. He puts revenge against employees and the community at all levels as his most important priority. Everyone who has been there for any amount of time knows that if Joe Alaniz perceives that you have crossed him even if naively you become his target. I have little doubt that Joe Alaniz thinks the local arts groups crossed him. He is and always was on a power trip. That is why he could not delegate authority. He abused the 'gift of public funds" on a regular basis. In some cases by not collecting the rents. He failed to put into place any checks on the distribution of exchanges of free tickets. The more I tried to get accountability, the more he attacked and discredited me with other administrators and the regents. If every year arts groups had to come to Joe to beg for use of the auditorium it made him a big man. Once the Board took that burden off the Ballet and Symphony, Joe lost his power over them. By setting up these new rates he forces them to come back begging to him in the future. By not putting college co-sponsorship availability in writing he is able to keep his vendetta against other local arts groups going as well, particularly Ballet National. By keeping the auditorium free to DMC staff and employees he leaves a back door open to faculty and staff to give the auditorium away to buddies and good old boys in the name of scholarships, etc. Al they have to do is incorporate outsiders into their programs. Once the Regents are out of it no one is looking over Joe's shoulder and the auditorium manager who is usually the only other person who sees what goes on in the auditorium will keep his mouth shut. When I saw the abusing going on I spoke up. That's one of the many reasons I am no longer the manager.

The new auditorium manager on the other hand has no business background, and no back bone. He has little business aptitude and doesn't want to have to deal with the financial aspect of collecting fees etc. My guess is the College won't hire a proper staff to do the work. Therefore collecting a base upfront rent and not hassling with ticket percentages saves the current manager a lot of work and headaches. The College thinks they will save more money in employee salaries. In the end they will loose a great deal of money in the percentages.

The best thing that Del Mar College could do for the auditorium is to hire an outside management team. Let the professionals come in and determine fees, usage contracts and policy. Remove Joe Alaniz from any direct management. Just like they did with the Bookstore.

Monday, July 10, 2006

del mar college attorney westergren gets a bashing at ccct

i wrote this first on the ccct forum in reponse to fairnbalance's postings on the thread about vilma luna that joe tex started but it would not let me post it but the letter to adriana garza is there~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

well, after all this crap about delmar---- from melody lopez getting expelled illegally, to ann matula(del mar chair of the criminal justice dept)befriending elizabeth reynolds to stalk and then hired a gunman to shoot professor of criminal justice alberto benitez of delmar college.(currently in federal court) google gabe rivas deposition or federal complaint by malody lopez and alberto benitez.

who, unfortunately for wannabe DMC president (benitez voted against)matula,reynolds and the gunman,lived.

shot seven times,left paralyzed, he went back to work only to get sabotaged, humiliated, then fired!

how about, shaun meredith, who humiliated teenage girls with the "ballet nacional" dance group by refusing to close his door to his office and gawked while the girls had to change clothes?

And he still works at del mar!?! why?

they forced many good people out by hindering their"due process rights" to a fair hearing or during the grievance process by either changing their procedures or blackballing or ostracizing good workers!

and the only EEOC person teresa cox westergren himself put on "administrative leave"- paid vacation if you will

now lets not forget howard karsh who has let many people including the ccct reporter Icess Fernandez and adriana garza!?!

now dont forget del mar collects taxes on every property owner in nueces county whether your kids go there or not.Here is the most recent to CCCt's Adriana Garza:

Very Professional Critique Mr. Karsh

From :
Howard Karsh

Sent :
Monday, July 10, 2006 6:35 PM
To :

CC :


Subject : Richardson

To: Adriana Garza Caller-Times;

I do not believe we have ever met. I was the Richardson Auditorium Manager for twelve years. I was placed on administrative leave and was forced into retirement because I was a proponent of a business centered, auxiliary enterprise based auditorium. I did not come up with this idea myself. Mr. Alaniz, VP of Business and Finance told the Southern Association of Colleges in our 2000 accreditation that the auditorium was an "auxiliary enterprise", "a profit center."

I just questioned that because in my years of working at the auditorium I never once saw Mr. Alaniz try to run the auditorium as a business or profit center. From time to time people would come to the auditorium to book events and I would quote them the auditorium rates. They would tell me that they had already made a deal with Mr. Alaniz and the rates did not apply to them. I tried to explain to Mr. Alaniz, administrators and finally the Board of Regents that making those deals without consulting with the auditorium manager was undermining my ability to manage the auditorium. Further, I was concerned that outsiders who did not know Mr. Alaniz were being discriminated against. I was forced to tell anyone who asked that although I could only quote the rate schedule they could appeal to Mr. Alaniz for a discount. All Mr. Alaniz ever had to do to stop this cycle was to tell all those who asked for a discount that the rate schedule applied to all and to work with the auditorium manager to schedule and book their event. Mr. Alaniz refused to delegate authority to the auditorium manager and that refusal was not " a sound business practice."

I find it amusing that Mr. Alaniz claims that his new rate schedule is "sound business practice." It is not. Public Assembly Facilities generally base their rates on overhead, seating capacity and competitive facilities. The idea is to sell as many seats as you can to earn the most money. That should benefit both the College and the client. Mr. Alaniz is sorely mistaken if he believes charging a flat fee is fair. Some groups that cannot hope to fill more than a few hundred seats would have to increase their ticket prices to pay the fee. Groups that can fill a thousand seats could decrease ticket prices or make larger profits at the same ticket price. An outside promoter who can fill all the seats may place more wear and tear on the facility than an outside promoter who fills less seats. Some promoters who charge more per ticket walk away with huge profits while the College makes the same fee no matter the ticket price. It takes more College employees to cover a larger event. That cost the College more money. If you refuse to take that into consideration you are not making a commitment to safety and endangering the facility and the patrons. So much for the Colleges so called concern for safety. This is not "sound businesses practice." A per seat ticket price on top of a low base fee makes the College a partner in the event. If the College cooperates and makes it a successful event the College earns more money. Free use to the Del Mar College community is also a poor business practice. The print shop at the College does not give away their services. There is a charge. Faculty cannot just take food from the cafeteria without paying. The book store does not give away books. The Music department at Del Mar College uses the auditorium more than any other department. Some departments do not use the auditorium at all. Why not just budget the Music department for the events they intend to do in the auditorium? If the department chose not to do an event than the money is there for other purposes. After all there are expenses associated with the booking and operation of the auditorium. Some Universities and Colleges also limit College use to weekdays and exclude weekends. As profit making promoters are more interested in weekends and promoters can make more money for the College.

It was my intention to take these so called "profits" and put them back into the auditorium so that the facility could book events that were not being brought to the College. We were getting almost no family shows since the Creative Art Center shut down years ago. I was also hoping to bring more current music, country and tejano music that the students wanted to hear at prices they could afford. After all classical ballet and symphony music isn't all the culture there is. Those profits could have also been used to help offset the costs to ballet, symphony and community groups so that they could better afford to bring high culture to the children of Corpus Christi. Mr. Alaniz only wants to use these "profits" to benefit scholarships. That is unfortunate and shortsighted as "man does not live by bread alone." The College has not installed a marquee to advertise events. This is probably the worst business decision the College has made with respect to the "upgrades" to the auditorium. (Please note that they do not call this a renovation.) A marquee is your prime means of advertising and creating excitement about events. The lack of a marquee shows again how little the College understands about marketing and operating a public assembly facility in "a proper business manner."

I hired the current auditorium manager to assist me because he claimed to have a technical background. He had no management credentials and no business credentials. I had hoped he would oversee the technical aspects of the facility so that I could work on the business aspects in which I was experienced. Unfortunately he was creating problems with the auditorium clients where problems did not exist. We had already spent tens of thousands of dollars to upgrade the sound system before the "upgrade". There was no need to replace that sound system. Either they are now taking credit for work we had already done or they needlessly replaced a working sound system that most performers who came to the auditorium were impressed with. How can you operate the auditorium as a sound business practice when the manager has no business background and Mr. Alaniz, VP of Business and Finance has no understanding of how to operate a Public Assembly Facility?

P.S. If you could try talking to Icess Fernandez. She was there when I was condemned for advocated a business centered auditorium. I am assuming she is no longer with the Caller-Times. Could you tell me how to contact her? I would like to keep in touch.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

CCISD board head is leaving Del Mar

CCISD board head is leaving Del Mar
Manuel Flores accepts teaching job at A&M-K

By Venessa Santos-Garza Caller-Times
July 8, 2006

Corpus Christi ISD Board President Manuel Flores is trading his teaching position at Del Mar College for one at Texas A&M University-Kingsville.

Flores, who has taught journalism and communications courses at Del Mar College since 1991, announced Friday he has accepted a position as associate professor of journalism and student publications adviser with A&M-Kingsville. His goal is help the program grow.

"There is a lot of potential there," he said.

Flores said his new role in Kingsville will not hinder his position as school board president but instead give him more time to tackle big issues.

Flores also said he intends to run for re-election in the November general election. He has served as a trustee since 1992.

Del Mar College President Carlos Garcia said under Flores' leadership, the college's journalism program thrived.

"It's a great loss to the college because of the national, local and state reputation of our journalism program," Garcia said. "He built that reputation, to a large degree."

Flores starts at A&M-Kingsville Sept. 1.

Adriana Garza contributed to this report. Contact Venessa Santos-Garza at 886-3752 or santosv@

Friday, July 07, 2006

The Caller is now officially "IN THE KNOW"! That Snowball is rolling!

(Deleted message originally posted by FairnBalance on 11:00am Jul 6, 2006 Central)
FairnBalance - 11:00am Jul 6, 2006 Central (#10 of 18) Spurs win 3rd championship! Let the Fiesta begin!!!
I'd love to see Judge Mike Westegren run... he's a great guy.
Mike Westergren is a corrupt b@stard. He has had several integrity reviews or whatever the heck they're called in legal parlance to investigate some of his judgements.
If y'all think having ortiz and bonilla is getting 'screwed', getting corrupt mike will be more like a 'rape'.

Porter Goss - 12:37pm Jul 7, 2006 Central (#11 of 18)
Oh really just what and when were these reviews you mentioned of Mike Westegren FairnBalanced?

Porter Goss - 12:40pm Jul 7, 2006 Central (#12 of 18)
Oh yeah, FairnBalance, I suppose you'll be rooting for good ole "Spanky" Joe MComb to unseat the DEM?

Porter Goss - 03:14pm Jul 7, 2006 Central (#13 of 18)
C'mon FairnBalanced, where is your documentation regarding Mike Westegren?

FairnBalance - 05:32pm Jul 7, 2006 Central (#14 of 18) Spurs win 3rd championship! Let the Fiesta begin!!!
C'mon FairnBalanced, where is your documentation regarding Mike Westegren?
Westergen is not so popular that there are gonna be news articles on the internet. Westergren is a corrupt democrat and if you have ANY knowledge of how the court system in corpus christi works, you'd know that. You can slurp Westergren all you want just b'coz he's a dem but only bad things will happen to the ordinary man if this a-hole gets in office.

Porter Goss - 09:30pm Jul 7, 2006 Central (#15 of 18)
Once again, you Swiftboat someone's reputation without any thing to back it up with... huh? Where are all of these so called reviews... you claim occurred? Disgusting, truly disgusting FairnBlanced. You are as fair and balanced as FOX news.

FairnBalance - 09:57pm Jul 7, 2006 Central (#16 of 18)

Spurs win 3rd championship! Let the Fiesta begin!!!

Once again, you Swiftboat someone's reputation without any thing to back it up with... huh?
Do you have anything to back up that corrupt Mike is a 'good guy'? Or is it b'coz he's a dem you want everyone else to blindly vote for the scumbag?
Westergren has been retired for quite awhile now but he keeps going in as a judge on lucrative cases where he can 'cut a deal' with other scumbag lawyers and screw the common man/woman. He's on the board of Del Mar and why don't you ask the regular folk working for del mar how this ahole has shielded the other corrupt members of the board of del mar?
Just b'coz he happens to be a democrat does not mean he's not corrupt.
My experience with Del Mar College taught me one thing. Trust no one in authority at the College. Watch Gabe Rivas deposition and realize that whatever DMC Policy states. What ever Board Policy states there is no protection in those policies. The lawyers are telling the Regents not to follow their own policies. Judge Westergren is not there to see that employees are treated fairly. He is there to protect the administration and their corrupt practices.
When I was an employee the college failed to follow any of their grievance policy. Rosie Garcia in writing even misquoted DMC Policy and no action was taken against her. These people make up their own rules as they go along. I would advise any employee to protect themselves by seeing a lawyer or filing complaints with the appropriate government agency and even than realize that you are most likely on your own and retaliation is guranteed, no matter what the rules say.

Scroll down to where a guy called Horton said this.

harry reid - 11:55pm Jul 7, 2006 Central (#17 of 18) “Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”
One more time - where are your ethical reviews you originally cited? I've known Mike for 26 years...

FairnBalance - 12:52am Jul 8, 2006 Central (#18 of 18) Spurs win 3rd championship! Let the Fiesta begin!!!
One more time - where are your ethical reviews you originally cited? I've known Mike for 26 years...
So you're acknowledging that 'harry reid'/'porter goss'/'ronnie earl'/rummy whatever/phil malone is one and the same?

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Del Mar student feels the Foghorn article is an insult to Hispanics

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Student upset about opinion column in Del Mar newspaper

July 1, 2006 09:31 PM

CORPUS CHRISTI - A Del Mar College student said he's outraged about what he calls a racist column printed in the campus newspaper - The Foghorn. 6 News talked with the student who feels the article is an insult to Hispanics.

"I'm really angry about this," said Joseph Ramirez. "For something like this to be written, it's like a slap in the face." Ramirez a student at the Del Mar East Campus was shocked when he read this opinion column "Learning to Speak English Necessary".

In it, the Editor-in-Chief Marissa Edwards, who's German talks about how she had to learn to speak the language after moving to America. In her column she writes, "'Habla Espanol?' This is not a question I always want to hear while living in America. Last time I checked, South Texas is a part of the United States, where the majority of citizens speak English."

Comments Joseph finds offensive. He said, "Those comments that's when I thought ok, this is very racist." He said he wasn't the only one offended. "I saw people reacting to the article making comments like this is racist, things of that nature."

"One of the comments, so why do we still allow people to live here without even knowing English, so right there it basically states if you don't know English then get out of here," said Ramirez.

Joseph said he not angry at the college, but is upset the column was published. Ramirez said he was so outraged after reading the column that he called to leave a message for the editor-in-chief who wrote the opinion asking for an apology.

"I feel that an apology should be granted because, this is something that I know by the people that I saw it has created hard feelings, it's hurt some feelings," he said.

6 News talked to journalism instructor Robert Muilenburg who approved the column. He said the column doesn't reflect the opinion of the newspaper or school. While he said he thought the column would cause a stir, he doesn't believe the comments are racist and The Foghorn won't be issuing an apology.

Online Reporter: Roxanne Carrillo

The Secretary of State cleared her to run.

I think these guys are going to learn a lesson or two....

from the attorney general down. The Secretary of State cleared Ms Garcia to run. If you read the AG opinion you will know what a crook this guy is when it comes to the little people. Carlos Valdez, I cant see how he would obtain Jurisdiction given there is no criminal act. This matter should be processed through existing administrative law.

A Voter Registration in Kleberg While Residing in Nueces?

The question is, which home was her domicile. I have been to her Apartment here in Corpus Christi, it sure looks like it is her primary residence.

I cannot imagine Carlos Valdez even having anything to do with this case, given his history with Mike Westergren and I am told with Joe Alaniz as well.

If Carlos Valdez prosecutes this lady, he is a fool.

I stand behind her.