Saturday, August 19, 2006

Is this in retaliation for the scrutiny of late? Why now?

In response to your article I must question the timing and motives for bringing this prosecution forward. It appears to be in that has been focused on the Del Mar Hierarchy and the scandalous behavior emanating from therein. This is one letter from a Ballet Nacional Student naming Del Mar Auditorium Manager Shawn Meredith in serious transgressions and acts of perversion. Why has the Caller never brought forth these revelations? Why has the Caller "ABSTAINED" from bringing forth the blatant abuse of power at Del Mar College and so quick to broadcasts favorable information to Del Mar. Furthermore, it must be considered the relationship between the District Attorney, the office of the DA and Former Judge Mike Westergren (now in house counsel @ Del Mar College) and Joe Alaniz.

Here is one of the letters. I have more in Digital Format.

Local dance instructor accused of sex assault

Warrant issued for Ricardo Villa on three counts

By David Kassabian Caller-Times
August 19, 2006

A judge issued an arrest warrant Friday for a 65-year-old Corpus Christi dance instructor indicted on three counts of aggravated sexual assault.

A Nueces County grand jury indicted Ricardo Villa Thursday on the sexual assault charges. Sandra Eastwood, a prosecutor with the Nueces County District Attorney's Office, said the charges stem from incidents that occurred in 1997. The victim was a boy at the time and is now an adult, she said.

Villa's attorney, Kenneth Botary, said Friday that he wasn't able to comment about the indictment because he has not yet seen it.

"I do know that the allegation is an old allegation - more than 10 years old," Botary said.

Villa's bond was set at $100,000 by a state district judge Friday. Botary said he wasn't aware a warrant had been issued, but Villa will turn himself in to authorities. The dance instructor and founder of the Ballet Nacional dance troupe was not in custody at the Nueces County Jail late Friday.

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Anonymous said...

Something about this problem with Meredith has been bothering me. I originally had to order him to use the dressing room backstage as an office. He had moved himself into the box office as a permanent office and was interfering with the groups that needed to use the box office for ticket sales etc. I had to give him a directive to move his office to the backstage area or he would have been insubordinate. As the technical manager I felt he belonged backstage. As the auditorium manager my office was in the lobby. Meredith brought up the issue that he was uncomfortable with the young girls changing in the dressing rooms. I had told him that when the dressing rooms were being used by young girls that he could share my office in the lobby, use the box office if it were available or stay at the auditorium sound console which by the way was equipped with a desktop computer that he was welcome to use when he couldn't get to his computer.
When I was placed on administrative leave, I was told to empty my office of personal belongings. Once I took my stuff out of the office, Meredith who was than the interim or acting auditorium manager could have moved into my office which had served me for almost twelve years and all the managers before me since the auditorium was built. He could have also moved into the box office at anytime after I was placed on administrative leave as the original directive came from me. Yet, Mr Meredith stayed backstage and left the managers and box office empty and unused when he knew these young girls would have to change in this dressing room area. I find that behavior extremely suspicious when my office had served me just fine for the twelve years I worked at the DMC. I did have to install intercoms between the office and back stage as well as video coverage of the stage. The intercom system allowed me to listen in and communicate with the stage crew. I could and was backstage at a moments notice. Sometimes by listening in on the crew with their knowledge, I knew before they called me that I would be needed and I was already on my way. Why didn't Mr. Meredith remove himself from such a delicate situation unless he was indeed spying on these young girls? If he did not realize this was a delicate situation than his maturity and ability to do the job is certainly in question? In all the years I worked there I never went into the dressing room areas during rehearsals or performances unless I was requested. I only passed through the dressing rooms when an emergency or my immediate attention was needed on stage. I certainly didn't hang out in the dressing rooms when girls were changing. I wouldn't allow my stage crew to hang out in the dressing rooms. I cannot conceive of any excuse that would allow Mr. Meredith in the dressing room area with these young girls. I did extensive research on the history of Richardson Auditorium. I never discovered any complaint to my knowledge made against any auditorium manager or crew in the history of the auditorium like these sexual harassment complaints against Mr. Meredith.

Anonymous said...

I was partly responsible for Shaun Meredith being hired. I was not authorized to look into his past or call his previous employer. I know he worked for an amusement park in California. Something with farms I think. It will come to me. He originally claimed to have worked their stage events but once he came to work at the auditorium he let it slip that he was mostly a maintenance ride repair technician. He was supposed to be there to assist me but, I'm sure that the real plan was for me to teach him the ropes and then I would be out. He was such a problem from the beginning that I couldn't teach him any of the management stuff. I know he was working at the aquarium (his wife works for the aquarium) when he was supposed to be working at the auditorium. Nothing I did or said made a difference. Wouldn't be surprised if he is still double dipping.

The Secretary of State cleared her to run.

I think these guys are going to learn a lesson or two....

from the attorney general down. The Secretary of State cleared Ms Garcia to run. If you read the AG opinion you will know what a crook this guy is when it comes to the little people. Carlos Valdez, I cant see how he would obtain Jurisdiction given there is no criminal act. This matter should be processed through existing administrative law.

A Voter Registration in Kleberg While Residing in Nueces?

The question is, which home was her domicile. I have been to her Apartment here in Corpus Christi, it sure looks like it is her primary residence.

I cannot imagine Carlos Valdez even having anything to do with this case, given his history with Mike Westergren and I am told with Joe Alaniz as well.

If Carlos Valdez prosecutes this lady, he is a fool.

I stand behind her.