Friday, June 16, 2006

Here is some more of the CRAP going on at Del Mar


Anonymous said...

This letter refers to an incident that took place in Richardson Auditorium after I was placed on administrative leave under the guise of false complaints which were never investigated. As I understand it the person identified in this letter is the individual who was made the acting auditorium manager. The sexual harrasment complaints made against this individual were never investigated or taken seriously. Nor was any action taken against this individual. I want to make it clear that I am not the individual in question and that in the almost twelve years I worked in the auditorium there were never any sexual harrasment claims made against me. In fact the only false complaints that were made against me can be traced back to my desire to enforce and maintain a safe and healthy environment in the Auditorium in spite of an administration and Regents who were constantly ignoring the problems and placing students health and safety in danger. Not only in Richardson Auditorium but just to name a few in the Business Building and Music Building. So when DMC boosters write in and talk about the students and how the administration and regents are doing all this corrupt stuff in the name of the students. I say Bullsh/t! Administrators run the DMC like their own private little Kingdom. It's administrators and faculty first and students second. I was there I witnessed it. Judge Westergren is on the payroll now and one thing I learned at Del Mar College is your either with them or against them. Either you ignore the corruption or you are enveloped by it or you fight it. I fought it and lost. I was just one guy against a lot of very powerful determined people. I have no regrets. I hear the same old party line about the students coming from Judge Westergren. Dont listen to what they say, watch what they do. By the way most people do not know that the Richardson Auditorium was operated until it was shut down for the "upgrade" without a Certificate of Occupancy. Try doing that with a private buisness unless your connected and see how far you get when the Buildings and Fire depts find out.

dannoynted1 said...

you should try and get a copy of the "delmar college efficency study" conducted by rangel consulting!

a must read for past and present and future faculty and students!

The Secretary of State cleared her to run.

I think these guys are going to learn a lesson or two....

from the attorney general down. The Secretary of State cleared Ms Garcia to run. If you read the AG opinion you will know what a crook this guy is when it comes to the little people. Carlos Valdez, I cant see how he would obtain Jurisdiction given there is no criminal act. This matter should be processed through existing administrative law.

A Voter Registration in Kleberg While Residing in Nueces?

The question is, which home was her domicile. I have been to her Apartment here in Corpus Christi, it sure looks like it is her primary residence.

I cannot imagine Carlos Valdez even having anything to do with this case, given his history with Mike Westergren and I am told with Joe Alaniz as well.

If Carlos Valdez prosecutes this lady, he is a fool.

I stand behind her.