Friday, June 16, 2006

Whose woods these are I think I know.

Face it Gabe Rivas, Carlos Garcia & Ben Blanco; Del Mar Female Students are not interested in YOU or your VIAGRA!

progressive said...

Mr. kenedeno, my 17 year old daughter has told me that Gabe Rivas made a dirty advance toward her while she was in the del mar parking lot. I have went to the college president and he laughed at me. My daughter has dropped out of school as a result of this. What should we do? Witnesses were present. Please help

5:07 AM

As I understand from insiders close to the Sexual Harrassment Civil Rights allegations at Del Mar College, Theresa Cox is on administrative leave under the whistleblowers act. Her position or imposition has placed her at odds with administration, Board of Regents Officials and the President of the University Carlos Garcia. Rumblings from the Board of Regents suggest a turmoil from within this elite group. Sources suggest a resignation of Bill Chriss is forthcoming as he is pursuing a teaching position at the University of Texas. Although he cites his reason for stepping down as the UT Teaching position one must question the motives and ask why now Bill? As I understand, Mr Chriss has held this UT position for some time which IMO exclaims Mr Chriss does not want any part of the corruption and is dissociating himself from the Elite Del Mar Board of Regents. I would like to think his public service will continue. Perhaps a de-throning of one of our elitist County Commisioners such as Cazalas (who even mainstream republicans loathe)? As the rumblings begin to spill out of the Board Room it should be noted that the name Jacob Munoz (a convenient token) is the Del Mar Board of Regents' most notable man for the JOB. I must ask the average citizen to think back and ask themselves WATT has Jacob Munoz done for the average citizen. WATT has he done for the hispanic community?

Now back to Carlos Garcia; I know his position is to defend the institution of higher learning and I know of his scoffing, condescending and demeaning acts of playing dumb. This is insignifigant when compared to the aggressive campaigns directed at the victims who meet with him in the privacy of his office. Mr Garcia, it is not a student's fault that you or your faculty is "going through a mid life crisis". It is not the right of faculty or Board members to use the student body as a harem from which to choose companionship; but quite the contrary.

On to the GSA and the MONEY. WATT did Donna Strong do to censor the article revealing Carlos Garcia and the misappropriation of club money?

Itis only a matter of time before it all catches up to you and your kind at Del Mar Mr Garcia.

You too Mr Rivas!

These young girls dont want you or your viagra.

Dont you think yall have ruined enough already?


  • At 3:39 AM, DANNOYNTED1 said…

    oh they will just blame the doc now 4 (mexico)prescription for viagra!

    jaime you always give them benefit of the doubt!attorneys are paid for them a way out!




    no one nobody not a soul---
    the position is VACANT


    some one call RISK MANAGEMENT!

    WESTERGREN you are aware

    oh you are good at playing dumb and you are a white boy!

    so much for a future!

    del mar where the professors dreams come true!

    i hope morehead and dotts aint your ad creators

    "we're from here"
    ya hear?!?

    wia might allow you opportunities to modify but you are subject to the same "JOB modification" per wia

    law school

    oh------------ yall r afraid of perry so yall get watt?????????????


    he don't live here!

  • At 8:42 PM, just another day said…

    The Student Government Account has been missing funds for years now. Everytime some students try to speak up, they are either suspended or kicked out of school without any dueprocess. Its too bad that our tax dollars will be paying for all the settlements that the board has agreed to thus far.

    The problem is, what are we as tax payers and the whole community going to do about the "AXIS OF EVIL" del mar, Gabe Rivas, Carlos Garcia, and Ben Blanco?

    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is when good catholics and christians stand by and do nothing.

    Whatever happened to the case of when a professor was shot and then he was fired as a result of being shot.

    There is only one thing we can do, Demand that all the pharmacies STOP selling viagra. Maybe then these animals in heat will leave the female students alone.


    Wasn't Tina Butler fired from del mar because she filed a grivance against a axis of evil member for calling her the (N) word?

    What about Howard Karsh who was also disriminated against and also fired?

    What about Gaylord Hoyt? He noticed that funds were missing, after he called them thiefs, he was also forced to leave.

    Too many probelms brings too many lawsuits.

    I would like to thank the owner of this blog because at least someone is letting these issues be known.

  • At 1:52 AM, Jaime Kenedeño said…

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