Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thank You for your input!

On 6/15/06, email recipient wrote:

"Okay just what is the point of your email? Your behavior is questionable. Why are you sending me or anybody else an email slandering someone whether it's true or not. NaNa Na'NaNa on somebody elses time. If there is an issue that needs attention or something that will affect the community by all means, let us know. But this info you sent seems to be neither."

Dear Email Recipient: YOU wrote, "If there is an issue that needs attention or something that will affect the community by all means, let us know."

JK: A Regent with a "QUESTIONABLE CRIMINAL BACKGROUND" is not an issue the community needs to know about?

Do you think it will affect the vote of our community next election?

My point is, this is not an example for our YOUTH! The Board of Regents' must exhibit the highest in integrity. Slander??


Definitions of slander on the Web:

  • words falsely spoken that damage the reputation of another
  • aspersion: an abusive attack on a person's character or good name
  • defame: charge falsely or with malicious intent; attack the good name and reputation of someone; "The journalists have defamed me!" "The article in the paper sullied my reputation"

  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Notice the key word is falsely.

    What you term slander in the written world is termed LIBEL

    Defamation of an individual or individuals in a published work, with malice aforethought. In litigation, the falsity of the libelous statements or representations, as well the intention of malice, has to be proved for there to be libel. In addition, financial damages to the parties so libeled must be incurred as a result of the material in question for there to be an assessment of the amount of damages to be awarded to a claimant. ...


    I am publishing Public Documents.

    This is an information campaign to engage the citizens in our Del Mar Community.

    "Engaging the average citizen in the formulation of Public Policy"
    is our mission @ Kenedeno & Associates.

    Thank You for your input!


    Jaime Kenedeno


    Anonymous said...

    whoever you are, who wrote this is just trying to keep their job from the same fate as benitez'!

    Jaime Kenedeño said...

    It is called the Modification of JOB Opportunities per Hvlinka V. Schubert.

    It is a federal case look it up.

    Jaime Kenedeño said...

    I understand the sudden release of empolyees is a scapegoat for the incongruence with the grievance due process?


    I think there was some strong arming of the blue collars to "technically thwart" the grievance process?

    If most of these employees would have followed the due process, then the retaliation to their own selves would occur. Now they are scapegoats.

    Civil Rights are equal protection under the law for each and every one of us!

    The Secretary of State cleared her to run.

    I think these guys are going to learn a lesson or two....

    from the attorney general down. The Secretary of State cleared Ms Garcia to run. If you read the AG opinion you will know what a crook this guy is when it comes to the little people. Carlos Valdez, I cant see how he would obtain Jurisdiction given there is no criminal act. This matter should be processed through existing administrative law.

    A Voter Registration in Kleberg While Residing in Nueces?

    The question is, which home was her domicile. I have been to her Apartment here in Corpus Christi, it sure looks like it is her primary residence.

    I cannot imagine Carlos Valdez even having anything to do with this case, given his history with Mike Westergren and I am told with Joe Alaniz as well.

    If Carlos Valdez prosecutes this lady, he is a fool.

    I stand behind her.