Sunday, July 29, 2007

Del Mar College’s consistent failure to lawfully obey the Texas Public Information Act

Howard Karsh

#### Wooldridge Road,

Corpus Christi, Texas. 78413


July 29, 2007

Office of the Attorney General

Open Records Division

PO Box 12548

Austin, Texas. 78711

To Whom It May Concern;

On July 10, 2007 at 11:54 AM, I hand delivered and had date stamped in the College Presidents Office an Open Records request for the following information; (see attached document)

“I respectfully request copies of, and or access to the following information: How many of the current Del Mar College Regents and ex Regents are receiving community college group health insurance benefits from Del Mar College? What is the specific written designated DMC policy that these benefits are distributed to these Regents under? How much money do these current Regents and ex Regents pay in premiums for individual and family benefits? How much does the College pay for their benefits? Exactly what is the name of the budget item and the designated budget code number of the budget item that pays for these benefits? What are the names of these current Regents and ex Regents receiving these community college health insurance benefits?”

As of July 29, 2007, by my estimate, thirteen business days have passed and I have received no answer to my open records request. Del Mar College has not denied the information and records exist. Nor have they denied that the information exists in the form of copies or documents. This is the second time in less than twelve months that I have requested information and the second time Del Mar College has not complied with the law. As such, I again have been forced to write to the Attorney Generals Office to get Del Mar College to comply with the Texas Public Information Act, Chapter 552. I would request that the Attorney General intercede in this matter and order Del Mar College to release the information requested. I am also requesting an investigation into Del Mar College’s consistent failure to lawfully obey the Texas Public Information Act and request that the Attorney General seek punitive measures against administrators and regents for this purposeful failure to obey the law.


Howard Karsh


dannoynted1 said...

Don't tell me Baker Botts is being retained aGAIN?

Grow up and do the JOB you wanted and indeed elected for!

I guess it is your choice to act like the self serving politicos that you are.

But tsk tsk would think important things like solving homicides might be a higher priority.

Valdez must be pressured or bored.

dannoynted1 said...

we want those records!

The Secretary of State cleared her to run.

I think these guys are going to learn a lesson or two....

from the attorney general down. The Secretary of State cleared Ms Garcia to run. If you read the AG opinion you will know what a crook this guy is when it comes to the little people. Carlos Valdez, I cant see how he would obtain Jurisdiction given there is no criminal act. This matter should be processed through existing administrative law.

A Voter Registration in Kleberg While Residing in Nueces?

The question is, which home was her domicile. I have been to her Apartment here in Corpus Christi, it sure looks like it is her primary residence.

I cannot imagine Carlos Valdez even having anything to do with this case, given his history with Mike Westergren and I am told with Joe Alaniz as well.

If Carlos Valdez prosecutes this lady, he is a fool.

I stand behind her.