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Del Mar student feels the Foghorn article is an insult to Hispanics

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Student upset about opinion column in Del Mar newspaper

July 1, 2006 09:31 PM

CORPUS CHRISTI - A Del Mar College student said he's outraged about what he calls a racist column printed in the campus newspaper - The Foghorn. 6 News talked with the student who feels the article is an insult to Hispanics.

"I'm really angry about this," said Joseph Ramirez. "For something like this to be written, it's like a slap in the face." Ramirez a student at the Del Mar East Campus was shocked when he read this opinion column "Learning to Speak English Necessary".

In it, the Editor-in-Chief Marissa Edwards, who's German talks about how she had to learn to speak the language after moving to America. In her column she writes, "'Habla Espanol?' This is not a question I always want to hear while living in America. Last time I checked, South Texas is a part of the United States, where the majority of citizens speak English."

Comments Joseph finds offensive. He said, "Those comments that's when I thought ok, this is very racist." He said he wasn't the only one offended. "I saw people reacting to the article making comments like this is racist, things of that nature."

"One of the comments, so why do we still allow people to live here without even knowing English, so right there it basically states if you don't know English then get out of here," said Ramirez.

Joseph said he not angry at the college, but is upset the column was published. Ramirez said he was so outraged after reading the column that he called to leave a message for the editor-in-chief who wrote the opinion asking for an apology.

"I feel that an apology should be granted because, this is something that I know by the people that I saw it has created hard feelings, it's hurt some feelings," he said.

6 News talked to journalism instructor Robert Muilenburg who approved the column. He said the column doesn't reflect the opinion of the newspaper or school. While he said he thought the column would cause a stir, he doesn't believe the comments are racist and The Foghorn won't be issuing an apology.

Online Reporter: Roxanne Carrillo

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